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what it costs
what it costs

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At first, working with a professional travel team may sound like an added cost or unnecessary splurge. While there are certainly other ways to plan a trip, in reality we provide tremendous value both from a time and money perspective. CLICK HERE for more details on how we work, our fee structure and what you can expect on your journey with MOJO Adventures.

our exclusive industry relationships save clients valuable money. We’re able to negotiate competitive prices on just about every aspect of your adventure. Plus, we do the legwork to get you value-added perks and amenities that aren’t available to the general public.

we have the resources, experience and technology to anticipate those “unexpected” expenses that often crop up and add up. So, you not only save time and money, you also arrive with the peace-of-mind knowing you won’t risk “blowing a day” on unforeseen issues.

we’ve found a soup-to-nuts approach works best. On a MOJO adventure, you don’t have to reach for your wallet at every turn. You pay us a single amount and we deliver a personalized, comprehensive experience without you having to lift a finger.

time is money and we want to save as much of it for you as possible. We do the work, so you don’t have to put in hours scouring endless websites and all the other factors that go into planning a seamless, highly-personalized vacation. Plus, our added perks elevate each trip to a new level. If you’re the type of person who appreciates simply showing up, knowing all details have been taken care of, then we think you’ll find us a great fit.


Just like hiring a chef versus a cook. The chef knows how to get special ingredients from the best suppliers, at the best prices and knows how to mix them together for the ultimate experience.

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Of course, the best part of any MOJO adventure is how it’s customized to you. Since each trip is unique, the cost for each is unique too. Prices vary depending on your overall priorities and how many experiences and personalized layers you want us to build into each day. To give you an idea, custom adventures typically start from $500 per person per day. A true price, however, can only be uncovered after a conversation or two.