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our story
our story

 We’re fun-loving travelers
with a knack for personalization
and a love of adventure.

Creating the time of your life. And ours.

The MOJO story began with seeing a need and looking to fill it. In 2011, I was planning a trip for a group of friends where we could break away and do something different. A chance to see more, try more and connect more in a way that felt like it was created just for us. An adventure that included off-the-beaten path experiences, great food and fun surprises and I didn’t mind if it took us to hidden cabins or 5-star resorts. Not finding exactly what I was looking for, I decided to simply create it.


The more you experience, the more you have to offer.


Costa Rican rain forest treats

Turns out I was on to something. My girlfriends and I weren’t the only ones wanting that just-right-for-us adventure. Others wanted in including friends, family, co-workers, significant others, and even our kids. And so, the official MOJO Adventures was born.

I love the saying “The more you experience, the more you have to offer.” And I’ve learned over the years, the more you share these experiences with others, the more you receive in return. As MOJO’s grown this past decade, we’ve gone from offering our initial girls’ trips to creating memorable adventures for families, couples, guys, companies and more. No matter who goes on a MOJO adventure, my team and I put our knack for personalization to work and layer in experiences in unexpected ways. As we continue to evolve and grow, MOJO’s mission remains the same — Make it easy for people to create and share meaningful experiences in their lives.

I hope you’ll join us and help write your own unique chapter in our story.

The adventure continues.

All the best,

Molly Mathis
Founder & CEO


Afternoon wine tasting Oregon style


Trekking Mont Blanc


Exploring the hidden caves of Puerto Rico