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Off We Go…

Dear Molly,

As our fearless leader, you have laid the groundwork. You prepared the 10 of us for our MOJO Active Adventures trip to Colorado arranging the elaborate logistics of itineraries, activities, meals, roommates and carpools. You provided us with an exhaustive packing list, including everything from moisture-wicking undergarments to lip balm (for those of us with a Chap Stick obsession). Frankly, the most controversial decision I have made so far is what reading material I should bring to occupy my busy brain during the flight. If only family vacations could be so easy.

You organized both the logistics of the adventure, and you prepared our bodies for the mental and physical challenges that await us in Colorado Springs. Under your tutelage, we have performed countless burpees, cherry pickers, Bosu crossovers, reverse-lunge bicep curls, needle-threading planks, etc. using the highly touted Tabata interval training method. Admittedly, our aspirations to be in the Olympics have passed, but at least we can pretend to train like an Olympian! We feel their pain…. on a much older smaller scale.

While most of our group has maximized your strength and endurance-building workouts, a couple of us, namely I, have complained at a volume bordering on heckling. The movement of each limb aches deeply in my stiff muscles and aging bones. Everyone has a station in life, and mine will be to bring up the rear for this group. Ladies, I vow to set the bar low, so you will all feel a grand sense of accomplishment upon our return. I just ask in return, that you wait for me upon conquering Pike’s Peak and I beg of you to not leave me dangling from a rope in Cheyenne Canyon.

Dutifully, we left behind voicemail and email announcements promising to return. Some of us wrote biographic novels documenting the labyrinth of child-centered instructions for activities, chores, homework, etc. that will consume our families’ lives during our absence. Our bags are packed and we are ready to go. Tho, not accounted for in our luggage, we come to you, Molly, with open minds and open hearts, ready to accept this challenge and support one another. We are ready to test our limits and offer thanks for the investment in those previous Tabata training workouts (some of us wishing we had been a little more dedicated and a lot less oppositional). We begin this endeavor as friends and neighbors. Henceforth, we are forever bound as MOJO Active Adventurers.

Off we go… Good-bye Atlanta!

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