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Check out our Trips page for the latest scoop on our 2 newly-added 2014 adventures.  Puerto Rico (April 23-27) and Colorado Springs (August 20-24).  All our adventures are designed around an exclusive, small-group setting (no more than 14 participants per trip) — therefore, space is limited and early booking guarantees availability.

True to the “no time like the present” spirit of what we do, here’s a perspective (based on previous trips and time spent talking with folks like you) on how guests come to join us:

1. There are a number of women who are ready to dive in as soon as they hear what we’re up to

2. A large number of women like the idea, but understandably want to be assured:

This is not a “boot camp” for extreme athletes
You can come with an old friend or come solo and enjoy meeting new friends on this adventure
Different fitness and activity levels are expected and accommodated
It’s all about balance — we eat well and stay at really nice places
That it is in fact healthy and reenergizing to take a break from the daily routine!

(And sometimes there are circumstances where timing and/or priorities means it’s not in the cards now, but possibly later down the road — all good!)

If you find yourself anything close to #1 or #2, please give us a shout!  We have yet to take a guest (including the most hesitant from Category 2) who did not wish they had done it sooner.   Life is short — let’s do this! 


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