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Meet Our Founder
Molly Jo Mathis

Mojo is defined as “a magic power”, a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful (we love that). MOJO also stands for Molly Jo, the founder and creator of MOJO Active Adventures.  Our trips are designed to allow people to unleash their magic through unique custom travel experiences.

Molly Mathis is a travel enthusiast, fitness professional (ISSA certified trainer, Athleta Ambassador and former Flywheel Sports instructor) and a continual student of things related. As a wife and mom of two teenage boys, Molly has learned that committing to an active lifestyle is not only fun, it returns new energy and enthusiasm for life’s most important callings. She has also learned that facilitating those experiences for other women is incredibly rewarding. You can reach Molly here.

Molly’s story:

After graduating from the University of Florida,  I worked for several advertising agencies in the Southeast as an account executive before taking taking time off to stay home with my two boys.  As rewarding as it was, like a lot of new moms, I found it difficult to carve out much-needed time for myself.  

I’ve always believed in the transformational power of travel and seeing new places.  (This was instilled in me early on as we moved around a lot when I was growing up).  Exposure to different experiences, people and locales made a lasting and positive impact on me.

I consider myself to be an active person.  For me, when travel, fitness and friends converge, I’m at my best and happiest place.

Several years ago, when my boys were younger, I had this idea to grab a few friends (who I knew were possibly also in need of a “refresh”) and take a fun trip.   While the idea of the traditional “girls trip” can be great, I found myself more intrigued with the idea of getting away for a real adventure…one where you visit someplace new, learn something new, mix things up by trying fun and doable physical challenges and also layer in elements of luxury.  Equal parts challenge and reward.  Not rough it…

What I was looking for didn’t seem to exist, so I decided to go out and create it.

As hard as the concept of breaking away can seem, I see a real need for all of us to do that from time to time.  And why not maximize this by choosing things that enhance and add to your life? 

After all, a better you means a better everything. 

The MOJO Story: