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Creating Momentum In Your Life

Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on Distill It — an LA-based podcast dedicated to discussing all things sports-related.  (To see a clip of the full interview, please click here) .

Among other things, we chatted about the importance of physical activity in our lives.  I get asked all the time “Do you have to be an athlete or in great shape to go on one of your adventures?”  While the answer is most definitely “no”, there’s a reason our trips are active-based.   Any great athlete (or coach for that matter) will tell you there’s just no substitute for movement when it comes to creating real momentum in your life.   A simple physical move produces an action which, when built upon and repeated, leads to growth and ultimately mastery.   The best part is this has a ripple effect in every other area of your life.

Just start.  Don’t overthink it.  It really is as simple as taking that first step…

I’ve had the incredible pleasure of witnessing some pretty big first steps with our tribe of women adventurers. What’s been even more rewarding though, is seeing where that momentum continues to carry them down the road.  I look forward to spotlighting these stories and more with you in future posts.

For now though, would love to know how do you effectively “Get the ball rolling”?  How does movement play a role in your life?  What continues to work well for you and what often hold you back?

PS :

Writing is often a huge block for me.  Knowing this, I just took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood before sitting down to construct this blog.   Movement leads to action and ultimately progress.  🙌🏼

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