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Molly Mathis
We awoke this morning to blue skies and a few clouds after last night’s heavenly demonstration of thunder and lightening. Bright-eyed & bushy-tailed, Molly started the morning with a solitary energetic run. Around 8am, our bike guides Harvey and Emily collected us from the resort and delivered us in Manitou at the COG railway for...
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This morning we awoke to this breathtaking view of the Garden of the Gods:   First off, we met for a yoga class on the terrace with Chris from Brazil. Chris gave us our first laugh of the day, interwove some Thai Chi action into the yogi movements and stirred our respiratory system with acute...
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Dear Molly, As our fearless leader, you have laid the groundwork. You prepared the 10 of us for our MOJO Active Adventures trip to Colorado arranging the elaborate logistics of itineraries, activities, meals, roommates and carpools. You provided us with an exhaustive packing list, including everything from moisture-wicking undergarments to lip balm (for those of...
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