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7 Carry On Essentials for a Successful Iceland Summer Adventure

The right clothing and gear can play a HUGE role in the overall success of any adventure. Simply put — if you come dressed the part, you feel the part and are ready to roll.

The Top 7 Carry On Essentials We Recommend For A Successful Iceland Summer Adventure:

1) Lightweight Travel Backpack- — This doubles as a carry-on bag and daypack throughout the adventure. We love the size, performance and cool features of this Osprey model.

2) Sleep mask, headphones and a travel pillow — It’s tough getting much shut eye on an overnight flight. Give yourself any advantage possible and aim to arrive as rested as possible so you can hit the ground running.

3) Rain jacket , Water resistant hiking pants, Sunglasses — Come prepared for rain, sun (or a combination of both) in Iceland the minute you step off the plane.

4) Waterproof, insulated hiking boots and plenty of lightweight wool socks — You’ll be covering A LOT of ground so comfortable, dry feet are essential.

5) Refillable water bottle – Did we mention Iceland has some of the purest drinking water in the world?

6) Hat, gloves and outerwear jacket – Layering is the key to dressing in Iceland. Always have plenty of options on hand to match ever changing weather conditions.

7) Bathing Suit and Athletic Pants – You never know when a dip in a natural hot spring (hello Blue Lagoon) or an opportunity to practice downward dog on a mountaintop might present itself 😉

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