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travel guide

6 Essential Tips to Navigate Post-Pandemic Travel

The ins and outs of post-pandemic travel can be daunting – but don’t let it deter you! Travel is good for the soul and we all need a dose of adventure these days. Just know going in, there are many requirements to take into consideration before your journey begins. As a client, we happily cover all the details, from customized planning to specific destination requirements and all the magical moments in between. However, when you find yourself in charge of the travel arrangements, we hope you’ll pack these MOJO Pro Tips.


Check your destination’s government website for COVID-19 travel requirements. Every country is different and travel requirement are constantly changing. Most destinations require advanced travel authorization when traveling internationally.


Check your destination hotel’s website to understand their requirements. Even though a country’s government might not require proof of vaccination, hotels within that area (especially large hotel chains) might differ in their individual requirements (Costa Rica for instance). Simple mistakes can cost trip delays or postponement, so be sure to research every aspect of your reservation.


Allow extra time at the airport. While this is a general rule of travel, it’s more important than ever these days. Ensure you have enough time to endure long security lines (combination of understaffed airports and increased travelers) and still have time to take a breath before boarding.


Print all your required travel documents. While it’s good to keep digital records on your phone of vaccination certificates, negative COVID tests and supplemental trip insurance policies, we always recommend having a hard copy on hand when checking in for your flight. (Pack extra hardcopies in your luggage as well just in case you misplace the originals). We even recommend printing confirmation numbers and additional reservations to help you stay organized.


Purchase supplemental trip insurance! Now more than ever, you need to have a Plan B in place. The world remains in an unpredictable state and should travel restrictions affect your trip, or an illness prevents you from traveling, you’ll want to enjoy peace-of-mind that your investment is protected. (MOJO works with several preferred insurance providers who offer a range of policy options to suit your travel needs).


Most importantly, consult with a trusted travel professional. We leverage preferred industry relationships should a problem arise along the way. It’s our job to make sure everything is handled efficiently behind the scenes so you can relax and enjoy the journey!