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5 things I’m grateful travel has brought me

This Thanksgiving holiday, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities and connections travel has brought me.  To be able to share these unique experiences with family and friends is, in short, the reason why I created Mojo Active Adventures.

While the list of ways travel can positively impact your life is endless, 5 that have been especially meaningful to me are:

  1. Enables you to “embrace the new” — Travel has expanded my knowledge base exponentially through new connections, locales, perspectives, memories and experiences.
  2. Serves as a reminder to slow down, be present and live in the moment.
  3. Makes us more flexible and adaptable to all of life’s ups and downs (Adventure travel, by nature, is often unpredictable).
  4. Helps spark creativity and springboards a passion for life.  Travel allows me to hit that reset button and refill my cup — enabling me to return new energy back to the things that are most important.
  5. Allows us to appreciate home, friends and family and have a more peaceful outlook on life.  As much as I love visiting new places, I’m always reminded of what a special place home is when I return.

Hope this inspires you to travel somewhere new next year.  Would love to hear from you — how has travel benefited you and what’s on your current “places to go” list?

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