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Sky-high Secrets + Travel Tips from a Seasoned Flight Attendant


As the summer travel season ramps up, so does the challenge of packing efficiently for your carry-on. We interviewed a fellow MOJO Insider and seasoned flight attendant, Sonya Quisenberry, who shares what’s in her carry-on along with some travel tips. Discover how she masters the art of efficient travel while prioritizing comfort, even when she’s far from home.


Carry-On Necessities 

Vuori jacket

I’ve recently added this jacket to my packing list. It’s lightweight, folds down small without wrinkling and offers the flexibility to dress it up or down, wherever the day may take me!

Mini Umbrella

You never know what weather you’ll get which is why I always carry a mini umbrella with me. This one is a favorite because it lays flat, taking up less space in my carry-on. 

Cheap Travel Slippers

I always include my own pair of travel slippers in my bag. It’s saved me countless times when I’ve arrived at a hotel without complimentary ones and encountered a less-than-clean carpet. 


A few Non-Negotiables

Some other essentials I keep in my carry-on are a sleeping mask, ear plugs, running gloves, Emergency C, eye drops, Band-Aids, blister stickers, cold medicine, workout bands and a collapsable bag for souvenirs.

Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

Portable Charger

This charger is a game-changer! With its range of adaptors, I don’t have to stress about packing multiple charging cords for my various electronics – it’s all here!

Portable Sleep Machine

Quality sleep is important but can be difficult in loud hotels especially when facing early wake-up calls. That’s why I rely on this portable white noise machine that masks any disruptive sounds, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. 


Travel Essentials for the Thirsty

TSA Approved Corkscrew

I keep this TSA approved corkscrew in my bag just in case. Here’s the secret: it doesn’t have a knife so you can breeze through TSA with ease!

Travel Aerator

I also bring this travel aerator because you’ll never know when it might come in handy. 

Nanopresso Portable Espresso

As a coffee lover (especially during those early morning shifts), I rely on this portable espresso maker to ensure I have high-quality coffee wherever I go. The night before I brew a batch, pop it in the fridge and I’m done! In the morning, I grab it on the way out – no need to hunt down a coffee shop. 

Collapsible Kettle

Given the hit-or-miss quality of hotel coffee makers, many of my flight attendant friends swear by bringing a collapsible kettle. It’s perfect for heating up water on the go for your tea or coffee. 




Toiletry Bag Favorites 

Travel Containers

These travel containers are a game-changer to put your shampoo and conditioner in. Unlike the round ones you typically find in stores, these lay flat and save up so much space in your bag. 

Portable Pill Case

This pill case is great for organizing different types of medicine like allergy meds, Emergency C and Nyquil. 

Coach Eau de Parfum

My favorite on-the-go perfume for travel not only smells amazing but its compact size makes it perfect for my carry-on. 


Travel Apps I Love


As flight attendants, we are constantly on the move and Flighty is a fan favorite. It not only provides us with timely flight updates, but it allows us to share real-time tracking information with our loved ones, keeping them in the loop about our whereabouts. 

Roam 2 Rio

This app is the ultimate guide to navigating a new city, providing you with different transportation options from public transportation routes to walking paths. 



Organizing My Bag to Fit the Most

I’ve developed a packing strategy to maximize space in my carry-on while also staying organized. I place my shoes on the side of my bag and arrange my clothes in the middle. To protect my clothes from my shoes, I use plastic bags as covers. Additionally, I roll my clothes in sections – such as uniform, travel clothes and workout clothes – for easy access and organization. 


Expert Travel Tips 

  1. Place your suitcase on the ironing board if there is no luggage rack in the hotel room. This keeps your personal belongings off the floor and furniture, giving you a cleaner and more organized space. 
  2. Use a pant hanger to securely close the blinds at night for uninterrupted sleep. This simple trick ensures complete darkness and privacy in your room, allowing you to get some rest. 
  3. Increase your hotel room security by inserting a hanger into the latch of your door. This provides added peace of mind and security especially in an unfamiliar area.