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Just Back From Rwanda and Tanzania


Just south of the equator lies an extraordinary destination – a place that seems right out of National Geographic. Here you will find stunning landscapes at every turn and the chance to encounter half of the world’s remaining gorillas. 


My journey into Rwanda and Tanzania was everything I envisioned and more. After years of strife in this small country, Rwanda is now a popular luxury travel destination, and especially known for gorilla trekking. With its efficient airport, safe streets, and hospitality it has become a top bucket list adventure for many.


At the Volcanoes National Park, our group members were each accompanied by a porter, 2 local guides and trackers. From there, we embarked on a 1.5-mile hike through the jungle to see the endangered species. Seeing the gorillas play and socialize in their natural habitat was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


The next day, we were taken on a plane and later an open game-viewing vehicle to reach our final destination in Tanzania. From there, we ascended into the skies aboard a hot air balloon, giving us breathtaking, 360-degree views of the safari and wildlife. 


From the curated local cuisine to the amazing accommodations at our host, Singita’s Safari lodges, my journey throughout East Africa will remain one of my top favorite adventures. What truly set this experience apart was encountering a sense of quiet luxury; being surrounded and immersed in nature without having to sacrifice comfort. At each place we stayed organic elements blended indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing us to be connected with nature the entire journey.


However, throughout this whole experience, I was reminded of the importance of planning adventures with a travel professional. Some destinations, like East Africa, require expertise and support that goes beyond what you can do on your own. Many things are going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of especially when it comes to gorilla trekking. In destinations like Rwanda, you need trained guides, permits and detailed travel logistics to transport people from point A to B. 


Lucky for you, MOJO is planning an exclusive Insiders Gorilla Trekking Adventure to Rwanda in 2025. With local guides and MOJO by your side, you’ll have the opportunity to spot these magnificent creatures in the wild and discover what quiet luxury means to you! Stay tuned for more details.