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How To Streamline International Travel


International travel can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are options we use on a regular basis for our clients, to streamline your next adventure from start to finish.


For starters, our flight booking service allows us to plan the perfect itinerary plus it includes 24/7 emergency support. In today’s world of commercial travel, you never know when you’ll need it. I recently experienced  first-hand how unpredictable international flights can be, and this support kept me moving without skipping a beat!


We also recognize that making a flight connection or navigating a foreign airport can be stressful, and oftentime detrimental to your itinerary. MOJO offers Airport VIP Meet & Greet services where a local representative meets you at your gate, escorts you through customs in the quickest route to baggage claim or your next gate if you have a connecting flight. 

“I highly recommend all my clients use this service if they are flying internationally, especially if it’s through a busy hub like Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. This airport is notorious for delays, baggage issues and missed connections but fortunately with our  VIP Meet & Greet service, we can provide shortcuts and professional support to quickly get you to your next flight,” says Molly. 

From the beginning, we handle all details and give you the necessary tools, resources and support, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your travel experience. 


In addition to our services, here are a few other perks if you plan ahead:

  • If you have a Global Entry membership that provides expedited U.S. customs screening for international air travelers when entering the United States, be sure to download the new Global Entry Mobile App for expedited clearance right from the seat of your aircraft once you land. 
  • Never underestimate the benefits of lounge access when you have time to kill at the airport. We like the Lounge Buddy App for navigating your way to a respite from the concourse.
  • Don’t want to lug your luggage? Luggage Free, is a door-to-door service that can ship your bags ahead of time.   A real time and back saver!

“International travel can feel like an endless list of to-dos, but not when you have a professional team fully supporting you.”


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