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Exploring Havana: A Journey of Insider Discovery


We’re just back from our first Insider’s Adventure to Cuba and what an adventure it was! The people of this island welcomed our group of ten Insiders and set out to showcase the culturally rich capital of Havana. From its flavorful food, colorful art scene, music, and more, the memories we made were steeped in newfound connection – to the country and to each other.


Traveling on a visa in support of the Cuban people, our group of women (a few first-time MOJO adventurers and several veterans) were ready to immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of Cuban culture.

“After visiting Havana last year to scout accommodations, partners and put together the perfect itinerary, I was eager to lead our group of Insiders to this colorful city — still considered off-the-beaten path for the average traveler,” says Molly Mathis, founder of MOJO Adventures.

Our understanding of the island and its history began with a visit to Revolution Square, where monuments stood as silent witnesses to Cuba’s revolutionary past. From there, we wandered through the narrow streets of Old Havana, where colorful facades and historic colonial buildings were the backdrop on our walking tour guided by a local expert.


Our journey continued with a stay at the luxurious Gran Hotel Manzana, steeped in quiet luxury with a rooftop pool, spa and amenities.


At an Old Havana Palador, we savored the flavors of authentic Cuban cuisine in a famous rooftop setting.  After savoring a symphony of traditional dishes, Insiders were treated to a private concert featuring some of Cuba’s finest musicians. 

“The people of Havana truly stole our hearts. From the laughter of children at a Havana preschool to the skilled hands of cigar makers in a local factory, we were welcomed with warmth and hospitality at every turn,” Julie Longnecker, an Insider on her second MOJO adventure.

Our three-night journey was filled with discovery and delight, from salsa dance lessons to a mojito making and cooking class that sent the Insiders home with a cultivated taste of Cuba to take home and share.

“These curated journeys are tailor-made for those who love the joy of discovery, value genuine connections, and are on a path for personal growth,” says Molly. “This was a first look at Cuba for everyone and being able to unlock the wonder of it all is truly rewarding for me.”

A testament to the island’s rich history and enduring spirit are the vintage cars that weave a narrative of resilience. Our Insiders set out on a ride through the city streets and a photo shoot that will spark memories for years to come.

“Riding through the streets of Havana in our colorful convertibles, especially along the waterfront, is a memory that will be etched in my mind forever,” says Julie Longnecker. “Havana cast its spell on us.”