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Exclusive Insiders Retreat at ANI Private Resorts Featuring John Peel Fitness


Access is everything, and in this case, it’s never before been granted to a group like ours.  Nestled on the pristine northern coast of the Dominican Republic, this Insider Adventure will be based on a secluded peninsula with our exclusive partner ÀNI Private Resorts.


“This collaboration is the definition of what it means to be a MOJO Insider,” says Molly Mathis, founder of MOJO Adventures. “Limited to 20 guests, every aspect of luxury is meticulously curated, from a personal chef to daily spa treatments, cultural inclusions, daily fitness excursions and even unpacking services —a combination unlike anything else in the travel industry today.”


This retreat will take place on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic from November 1 through November 6, 2024.


Exclusive Collaboration

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a new era of luxury travel. ANI Private Resorts Dominican Republic is typically accessible only through a property buyout, but through this collaboration, Insiders can experience the expansive private estate and all that it has to offer. 


“This collaboration represents an unparalleled fusion of adventure, exclusivity, and wellness—a combination unlike anything else in the travel industry today,” says Molly.


MOJO has carefully curated this retreat so Insiders can indulge in unique experiences, soak up the luxurious waterfront resort and push your boundaries with a world-class trainer. There is no better opportunity to create meaningful connections with like-minded adventurers, experience the Dominican Republic like a local and create memories that’ll last a lifetime.


Experiences included in this retreat include: 

  • Hiking and walking the island with John Peel including an offsite lunch 
  • Optional morning stretch and training sessions 
  • Cigar rolling and rum tasting class 
  • Cycling to nearby cities 
  • Kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling in the freshwater lagoons 
  • Private cooking class with renown chefs 

If you are looking for the ultimate Insider retreat with endless possibilities at every turn, from a daily spa treatment to immersing in the culture through a local folklore dance, or cycling through a local town, this is for you. 

For more information or to book this Dominican Insider Adventure CLICK HERE or CONTACT US to answer any questions.