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Destination Dupes to Consider


Travel dupes are hitting everyone’s FYP (For You Page) and with good reason. These ‘destination dupes’ (duplicate locations) are less crowded and often more affordable while still offering similar weather and geography. For those who need to travel during peak season, here’s our take on “travel dupes” to consider.


Instead of Positano, try Puglia 

Positano is a dream village along the Amalfi Coast and one of the most popular tourist destinations every year. If you want a similar destination, Puglia is our hidden treasure. Located in the southern part of Italy, Puglia has an amazing coastline overlooking the blue sea. Puglia has everything Positano has to offer: vineyards, coastline, historical ruins and delicious orecchiette pasta. What’s even better, you can experience Italy like a local with a customized walking tour visiting authentic shops and restaurants with fewer tourists. 


Instead of London, try Liverpool 

London is on everyone’s travel bucket list because of world-famous monuments like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. What many people don’t know is Liverpool, just northwest of London, has tons to offer as well.  Featuring an array of museums and art galleries in the United Kingdom,  England’s “City of Music” is extremely walkable, allowing you to experience a rich cultural scene without the typical crowds.


Instead of Switzerland, try Slovenia 

Switzerland is known for its picturesque landscapes, however did you know Slovenia offers much of the same at a fraction of the cost? A perfect backdrop for your next outdoor adventure, you’ll often find the trails in Slovenia less crowded so you can take in the amazing views of the Julian Alps and crystal blue lakes in peace.


Instead of South Africa, try The Galapagos 

Calling all wildlife lovers! South African safaris are widely popular amongst travelers in the hopes of seeing The Big Five in the wild. However, the Galapagos also offers a wide range of wildlife, including entire ecosystems. The Galapagos offers both water and land adventure opportunities giving you a chance of seeing wildlife up close and personal that call the Galapagos home; including Galapagos giant tortoises, friendly sea lions and the unique Galapagos penguins. 

If this isn’t the Safari swap you were thinking about, consider visiting Rwanda for an off-the-beaten path Gorilla Trekking adventure. If your eyes just lit up, stay tuned for Molly’s upcoming scouting adventure there this April.  Go behind the scenes with us as she explores the rain forests of Rwanda, exclusive luxury lodges with our partner Singita and experiences the famous Silverback gorillas in person.