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Just Back: Italy Travel Conference Sparks New Offerings; Exclusive Adventures

Want to learn what redefining exclusive travel looks like? I went to an invite-only conference called ‘Do Not Disturb’ to discover what’s new and what’s next in the world of exclusive travel.


In the world of luxury and hosted travel, having the right partners is critical. I recently went to Puglia, Italy to my first Do Not Disturb conference and walked away with a host of knowledge. The show is centered around experience providers who focus on three main areas:

  1. Space — high end, worldwide experience providers that offer pure escapism (both physically and mentally) from the rest of the world.  
  2. Seclusion — masters of discretion and avoiding the crowds. Real specialists in privacy and deeply personal, sky’s-the-limit service. 
  3. Sustainability — providers who are committed to protecting people and the planet

Be on the lookout for lots more inspiration and details to come, however here’s just a sampling of some new experiences and places we’re excited to introduce you to:

  • A five-star, remote wilderness lodge located on the edge of Finnish Lapland. Set on 300+ acres of pristine Arctic forest. Fully bespoke activities, wellness facilities, world-class dining and prime Northern Lights viewing.
  • Exceptional private home and castle stay experiences throughout England, Ireland and Scotland.  Perfect for an upcoming MOJO Insiders experience, multi-generational travel or an upcoming milestone celebration. 
  • Peru like you’ve never seen before.  Blending both the can’t miss sights of Machu Picchu/Sacred Valley with highly personalized and immersive insider only experiences 
  • Experience the ultimate escapism with a private, bespoke sail charter off Sicily or the Amalfi Coast.