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Just Back From Greece

Why Greece should stay at the top of your bucket list and the secret to doing it right the first time. 


If there were ever a bucket list locale worthy of its title, it’s Greece.  With dozens of magical islands to choose from and plenty of alluring properties, working with a travel pro is a must to maximize your investment and time. This is a destination that most people will only do once in their lifetime, so getting it right is everything!

Molly just returned from the Greek Isles after scouting new properties and testing itineraries. After spending two weeks immersed in the culture, she has perfected the proper way to experience Greece. Here’s what she had to say, and more importantly, what she saw through her own lens in this extensive photo gallery.

“There are so many options and ways to plan an adventure to Greece, that it requires savvy know how by someone who is going to take into account the best month to go, the way to prioritize island hopping and cultural sites, as well as the easiest routes on getting there and back,” says Molly.

When planning a trip with MOJO, the VIP airport departure and arrival service is a must to include with every itinerary. For example, when Molly departed Athens, her VIP assistance included a private car from her hotel to the airport, where she was greeted at the car with a luggage cart and personal escort.  From there, she was ushered past lines of people through the terminal, up to the front for check in. Then, to the head of a long security line, and on to her gate for departure. “ This is the benefit of allowing a travel pro to make sure you get there and back with as little stress as possible,” says Molly.  “It makes all the difference in ending your vacation on a relaxed note vs. stressed out,” she adds. 

Every island has a different personality, and once the guest intake form is reviewed and a one-on-one call is complete, your MOJO itinerary is created.

“It’s important to tune out the noise and stick to your own travel goals, rather than be led by someone else’s tips from their trip. Everyone’s taste and goals are different, and just because the Instagram picture looks perfect, doesn’t mean it will be like that in the timeframe you want to travel,” adds Molly.

Here’s a look at my October 2023 stay: