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Introducing MOJO VIP Hotel Hub

You can now VIP your way to a self-serve stay with one of our luxury hotel partners and get perks like room upgrades, stay credits and more. 


We’re constantly seeking ways to enhance your travel experience. What I’m about to share could be a game-changer for those trips when you don’t need MOJO for a personalized, comprehensive travel plan.

Our new MOJO VIP Hotel Hub is a service you can use on your own to book hotel stays at hundreds of our preferred partner hotels around the world. Of course, this does not replace the bespoke travel planning we are known for, it merely enhances the value of hotel stays that you might otherwise book through the hotel directly or via online services.

Getting started is a simple. Just follow this LINK, to access our luxury partner hotels and book your stay. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Room Upgrade Eligibility: Elevate your accommodation to a higher level of luxury.
  • Daily Breakfasts 
  • Hotel Stay Credits: Can be used towards various hotel amenities 
  • Additional Luxury Perks: Experience a range of tailored amenities (every property offers something different) designed to exceed your expectations. 

“We’re committed to curating exceptional experiences and our exclusive MOJO VIP Hotel Hub takes our commitment to an even higher level,” says Molly.  “We’re always happy to help with your entire itinerary too, wherever your travels take you.”