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MOJO Insiders Debuts In Morocco



As the world is aware, on September 8 at 11:11 pm Morocco was hit by an earthquake that caused massive devastation to parts of their region. Hit hardest, were the High Atlas Mountains, a region we were fortunate to have spent time just 3 days prior. 

Our travel partners and the lovely people of this region asked us to share that the major cities, including Casablanca, Fez and Marrakesh, are operating as normal and not only welcome, but need your tourism. 


From the ancient city of Fez to the mystical sunset in the Sahara, North Africa proved to be the perfect stage to launch MOJO Insiders. To understand what Insiders is about; think outside the box. In this new travel series, Molly explains how the foundation and concept was formed and why she dedicated the resources to bring MOJO Insiders to life.

“Over the past ten years, and especially in a post-COVID world, a common theme among my clients and many world travelers has emerged. We distilled hundreds of conversations, and these three things hold importance: connections, meaningful pursuits and personal growth,” says Molly. “Unlocking a whole new way to experience the world to bring these themes alive is something I’m so excited to share.” 

To set MOJO Insiders in motion, an inaugural group of ten women embarked on a journey across the globe to experience a hyper-local itinerary packed with authenticity. Small group, hosted travel is what differentiates this series. Come along as we take you behind the scenes of this 10-day Insiders trek through Morocco.


What it Means to Travel as an Insider

From the start, new connections are made. Our Moroccan adventure started in Casablanca with travelers arriving from six different states, each with a concierge greeting, a speedy escort through customs and private car service. When you put like-minded travelers together, the journey begins by connecting with one another in a new destination.

“Arriving in a new country begins with getting grounded in our new surroundings,” says Molly. “We make things effortless so you can take it all in and acclimate quickly.”

We kicked things off with dinner at the famous Rick’s Café and an introduction to our expert guide, born and raised in Marrakesh. From this point forward the value of hosted travel is brought to life.

“Unlocking one-of-a-kind experiences starts by selecting a local partner who understands the importance “Insider” travel,” says Molly. “In Morocco, we curated experiences that you simply can’t do on your own – from a local point-of-view, mixed with luxury and magical moments.”


Roman Ruins, Local Winery, Fez, Medina, Souks, Leather Tannery and Food Tour…

“To walk among these Roman ruins that date back to the 3rd century BC was an amazing experience,” says Leigh Saxon, a MOJO client for many years. “Knowing the right time to go when there were no crowds and having a local historian narrate the history of this archaeological site really set the tone for what was to come on this Insider Adventure.”

“Lunch, a tasting and a private tour at a local wine and olive estate was a welcome break, with delicious Moroccan food paired with every course,” says Jen Crawford, an experienced MOJO adventurer.

“Our private food tour in Fez through the old Medina captured all of our senses! We tasted olives, meats, fruit, and a variety of bread. Then traveled through narrow back streets to visit traditional ovens where locals bring their bread to bake,” says Clarissa Cruz. 

“Visiting a tannery that’s over a thousand years old, was an education into an ancient craft that this city is best known for,” says Holly McCormick, a long-time MOJO client. “Being able to bring home a piece of luggage made here is something I will always treasure and use on my next adventure!”


Sahara Desert…

“The Sahara Desert seemed surreal, like a painting. On the first day our caravan of ATVs headed out into the dunes to get a real feel of the sand and the sights deep in the desert,” says Mary Jo Grimm. “The next day our camel train transported us at sunset to experience the camp, with incredible Berber hospitality and the views of the morning sunrise at the top of the dune. This is a memory I’ll pass along to my grandkids some day!”


Marrakesh and Beyond…

“The magic of Marrakesh has captured my heart forever, starting with perspectives from our native guide, Fatima,” said Cindy Gilderoy, experiencing her first MOJO adventure as an inaugural Insiders member. “We did everything from tour the city and famous YSL gardens to learn to cook traditional Moroccan dishes. Our accommodations were a hidden oasis in this colorful city and served as a respite after our days exploring.”

Unique experiences are what MOJO is all about and our time in Marrakech did not disappoint,” says Sherri Johnson, a long-time client. “Zipping through the streets and tight alleys of the Old Media in a sidecar was the ultimate Insider experience offering a MOJO moment I’ll always remember.” 

“From the moment I landed in Casablanca to the moment I departed Marrakech, MOJO Adventures provided a phenomenal experience.” said Dana Frazer, attending her second MOJO Adventure after scaling Kilimanjaro last September with the MOJO/iFIT crew.  “The pre-trip briefing did not do justice to the in-person experiences. I can’t say what was my favorite part of the adventure because they each added a unique dimension to the trip.  Some of our experiences were things that I didn’t know I needed to do in Morocco- MOJO Adventures found those experiences and made this truly unforgettable.”