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A Deep Dive Into Defining Luxury Travel

Luxury isn’t about the cost, here’s what it means to us…


Luxury means different things to different people. Some view this solely as exclusive, unique experiences, while others have a tendency to define luxury around price.

For us, we focus on value. Without value, there’s no meaning behind it. So, when we talk about luxury, we believe it’s about these three things:


  1. Worry-Free Travel 

Luxury to us means traveling stress free where you can arrive at your destination knowing everything is taken care of. MOJO has a proven track record of delivering unique experiences customized to your wants and needs. After your itinerary is approved and secured with payment, you gain access to an Adventure Portal containing all important travel & flight details along with a customized Know Before You Go Guide to your destination. 


  1. Freedom & Flexibility 

There’s nothing worse than being constrained during your travel adventures. Having ultimate freedom and flexibility during your adventure is important (because after all it’s YOUR vacation)! Needing to shift plans based on current weather? Wanting to spend a little more time savoring that lobster roll on your Maine food tour?  Adjusting your Paris city tour to accommodate a wide range of mobilities?  With MOJO it’s possible. 


  1. Exclusiveness 

Take advantage of the opportunity to do something no one else is doing.  From relaxing at a private island resort in the Maldives to dining in a remote cave in Iceland, there’s no end to our creativity, resources or access!

 Here’s just a few examples of exclusive adventure opportunities:

  • Dining on the edge of the Grand Canyon
  • Heli-skiing in remote Patagonia
  • Scoring premium seats at Wimbledon or the Kentucky Derby 
  • Enjoying views of the surrounding bay from your private resort in Thailand