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Molly’s Most Memorable Hikes

Come along on 4 of my most memorable treks. These physical challenges include rewards beyond belief.


What makes a great hike? For some it’s the challenge, for others the view, but for most it’s the memories we get to make. Here are a few of my favorites to inspire your next trek. 


  1. Iceland’s ‘Valley of Thor’ 

This is one of my all-time favorite and most memorable hikes in the world because getting there is half the fun! Travel to the start of the hike via Super Jeeps where you cross rivers on your way. Once you get to the trailhead, hike through lush mountain tops by glacier rivers that’ll surely give you Iceland’s best view. 

Even more important than the views are its wide range of hiking levels. Iceland’s Valley of Thor is suitable for all hiking groups: beginner to advanced. There are multiple-day hiking routes to choose from so you can pick your route based on the difficulty. Some trails include crossing a glacier stream and seeing a hidden waterfall or going to the top and seeing breathtaking 360-degree views of the valley. 

Whether you choose to cross glacier streams or go all the way to the top, no hike is complete without trying Iceland’s famous BBQ hot dog. In my opinion, this is when you truly become an Icelandic. 

Best time to go: Summer (June – August) 


  1. French Alps’ ‘Mont Blanc’ 

The French Alps are famously known for their scenic hikes anywhere with promised breathtaking views. Within one day of hiking, you can be in three different countries! For example, you can start your hike from a luxury private chalet in France, cross into Switzerland, descend into Italy just in time to enjoy a homemade pasta lunch complete with a glass of local Chianti. 

Besides being so close to other countries, hiking here can be combined with additional outdoor adventures. Create your own multi-sport luxury adventure by adding canyoneering, rafting, biking, fly-fishing, paragliding to your next hike. 

Breathe in the crisp mountain air but don’t forget to visit Geneva, Switzerland or Paris nearby!

Best time to go: Summer (June – August)


  1. Kilimanjaro 

Known as the ‘roof of Africa’, Kilimanjaro is on any hiker’s ultimate bucket-list of hikes. At 19,341 feet, it’s the tallest freestanding mountain in the world and the tallest mountain in Africa. There are multiple ascent routes to the top of the mountain ranging from 6-9 days total offering flexibility depending on your comfortability level. I recently completed the 8-day Lemosho route where I experienced five distinct climate zones: Cultivation zone, Forest zone, Heather-Moorland zone, Alpine Desert zone and Arctic Summit zone. 

For this hike especially, I recommend working with a trusted travel partner. MOJO partners with the best ground partners and guides to ensure everyone has fun and stays safe. Check out ‘Conquering Africa’s Tallest Peak Just Back From Mt. Kilimanjaro’ to see how our group had a 100% success rate. 

Best time to go: Winter (December – March) and Fall months (September – October)


  1. The Narrows in Zion 

Known as the ‘grandfather’ of desert slot canyons, hike one of the top hikes in the United States. Hike through the narrowest part of the Zion Canyon, complete with thousand feet tall walls around you and the river below you. This hike is for all experience levels depending on how far you want to go. 

Hike on different terrain and see Navajo sandstone on either side of you and hidden waterfalls. There are three ways to hike the Narrows: Bottom-Up, Top-Down and a Top-Down Overnight trip. For the ultimate off-the-grid experience combine this overnight hike with your own glamp camp. Your own personal glamp camp offers you the comforts of home without sacrificing the notion of sleeping under the Utah stars. Click here to learn about the amenities and features of our glamp camps. 

Lastly, see for yourself our hike through Zion National Park. 

Best time to go: Mid-late May or early Fall to avoid the summer crowds