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Cheers to 10 Years of Adventures

A memorable cliffside dinner in Montana.  Here’s to past, present and future adventures! 


We’re feeling extra celebratory this year as MOJO Adventures marks a decade in the travel business. My, how times flies as the industry evolved through all its twists and turns. When we first started, “experiential travel” was not a well-known term and a global pandemic was never in our contingency planning.

Needless to say, we’ve come a long way from where we started, and we thought it might be fun to reflect with 10 Q&As for 10 years. Here’s a look back, and a glimpse into our full-steam-ahead approach to a new way to connect, pursue your passions and grow personally through experiential travel.


1. Can you tell us about your journey as the founder of MOJO Adventures? How did it all begin and what motivated you to start this business?

The MOJO story began with seeing a need and looking to fill it. In 2013, I was planning a trip for a group of friends where we could break away and do something different. A chance to see more, try more and connect more in a way that felt like it was created just for us. An adventure that included off-the-beaten path experiences, great food and fun surprises and I didn’t mind if it took us to hidden cabins or 5-star resorts. Except when I didn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to simply create it.

Turns out I was on to something! My girlfriends and I weren’t the only ones wanting that just-right-for-us adventure. Others wanted in including friends, family, co-workers, significant others, and even our kids. And so, the official MOJO Adventures was born.


2. Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 10 years in business! Looking back, what have been some of the highlights of your career?

If someone would have told me 10 years ago, I’d be celebrating 10 years of planning adventure travel for a client list one could only dream of, I simply would not have believed it.

In fact, I actually had to be reminded this year marked our 10th anniversary.

After a decade in business, I’ve checked off two more continents this year – so five down and two to go! Among the highlights, Climbing Kilimanjaro with an amazing group of people is an experience I’ll never forget. But overall, creating memories for clients and getting to unlock places on this planet that they may not have traveled to is a huge reward. 


3. As someone who has traveled extensively, what inspired you to curate unique and extraordinary travel experiences for your clients?

I look at travel through my own lens and am able to make it easy for others. When we seek out a partnership with local experts and authentic experiences that clients might not have known otherwise; it must pass my litmus test. I’ve learned quickly how to prioritize geographic locations and streamline an itinerary. My clients benefit from my learnings and in turn, I can make it easy for people to be on vacation and enjoy. Know the heavy lifting is taken care of down to every detail is what I have to offer. 


4. Could you share some examples of the most incredible adventures your clients have had?

Iceland was one of the first big group adventures I planned and is near and dear to me. 

We pack so many surprises into the Land of Fire and Ice and our clients have had such memorable adventures as a result. I’ll never forget one client’s reaction to a surprise dinner in a cave, saying “It’s one of the most romantic dinners in my life, and I was there with 14 other women.” Unique outdoor adventures in a spectacular setting is what we do best!

Having the privilege to unlock travel for people who are just dipping their toe into adventure travel is such a rewarding job. Especially families who want to expose their children to international travel for the first time. I’m reminded that what we do is special when seasoned travers and even high-profile VIP guests walk away from an adventure and say,” This was one of the top 5 experiences I’ve ever had.” 


5. How do you ensure that every client’s travel experience is tailored to their specific desires and preferences?

It all begins with an initial conversation where we listen. We learn about goals, wishlists, preferences, favorite experiences, how much time they want to spend in transit, how much downtime is needed, etc. No two people or experiences are the same, and we customize every adventure accordingly.


6. With a decade of experience, what trends have you observed in the luxury travel industry, and how do you adapt your offerings to stay ahead?

We’ve been doing experiential travel for a decade. That trend continues to grow, and the term has become mainstream, but it’s the word luxury that means different things to different people. 

There’s a tendency to define luxury around price. But for us, it’s about three main things:

  • Worry-free travel — It’s knowing a team has your back from start to finish so you can simply show up and enjoy your adventure
  • Freedom — Our approach provides added flexibility through private experiences 
  • Exclusiveness — Giving our clients the opportunity to do things not everyone else is doing. 

The consumer is savvy, and expectations are higher these days. We up our game and here’s why; if there’s no value behind it luxury on its own is meaningless.


7. Building strong relationships with partners and suppliers is crucial in the travel industry. How do you maintain and nurture these connections to provide the best possible experiences for your clients?

Great partners are everything to us. We’d rather tell someone we don’t have local experience than risk disappointing a client or delivering a subpar experience. After 10 years, we’ve built longstanding relationships with our worldwide partners.  In exchange, we push each other to continually grow, evolve and get better. That’s what great partnerships are all about.


8. Over the past decade, have you noticed any shifts in the types of travel experiences your clients are seeking? If so, how have you adapted to meet these changing demands?

Post-COVID has created pent up demand and people realize now more than ever that time is precious.  That’s one of the reasons why our VIP Airport Meet and Greet Service has become so popular. 

It’s all about prioritizing bucket list travel –and we’re here for it! Social media has oversaturated certain destinations, but this challenges us to look at how to do these places in a new way. Italy is just one example where we find ways to make it feel exclusive and go deeper into places and experiences.


9. Can you share any upcoming or exciting travel trends that you foresee in the near future?

In broad strokes, Southeast Asia and South America are exploding (they were slower to reopen after the pandemic). People now have a comfort level on traveling farther with international travel. 

I also think new technology will continue to play an important role over the next 5 years. There are so many new travel apps making it easier and more fun to travel.


10. Are there any particular destinations or experiences on your personal travel bucket list that you haven’t had the chance to explore yet?

New Zealand/Australia, Scandinavia and Japan are the big three on my bucket list!

If you’re struggling to narrow down your destinations, you might find this chart helpful, about Where To Go And When.




1.What are you most proud of? 

MOJO has been invited to attend some pretty exclusive trade shows and Familiarization Trips (Fam Trips) and that’s because after 10 years, we’re on the map and top-of-mind in this space.

This not only adds to our credibility, it allows us to scout new, unique places and experiences to exclusively bring to our clients.  Visiting a private island off the coast of Thailand and taking a helicopter ride over Patagonia’s Andes mountains where we landed on a glacier are just a few of the moments from this year that come to mind.

Being part of this elite group of travel professionals unlocks access to exclusive adventures and destinations more than ever. It’s been 10 years in the making, and now we’re among a handful of people helping to shape the future. To be among that group is something I’m incredibly proud of!


2. Finally, what lies ahead?

I can summarize the future in three words: Connections, Meaningful Pursuits and Personal Growth.

We can’t wait to unlock a whole new way to travel in a manner I think you’ll all be excited about. Stay tuned as we introduce a new travel series coming soon.