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Adventure Worthy Places That Add Value To Your Travel Bucket List

Get more bang for your buck in places like these….


Peak travel season is fast approaching and we’re seeing record-breaking crowds in all popular destinations.

If you must travel during high season, we highly recommend considering these alternatives to get more bang for your buck.

Most destinations including New Zealand, Costa Rica, the Caribbean and Greece require you to think a year ahead and plan well in advance.

If you can’t wait until 2024 to experience rich culture and the amazing views from these popular locales, check out these options that offer breathtaking landscapes and amazing experiences.


  1. Instead of New Zealand or Australia consider Thailand 

This is the year to travel to Asia! Things are back up and running but the crowds haven’t yet returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Asia has endless potential with luxury properties that offer incredible value. I’ll be returning from Thailand in April where we can dive deeper into the unlimited possibilities. 

Your adventure to Thailand can include: 

  • Sailing crystal blue waters in a traditional long-tailed boat off the shores of Phuket — steps from your luxury resort
  • Enjoying a 60-minute Thai massage in Wat Po (built nearly 200 years ago).
  • Visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai. 
  • Tasting all the incredible flavors Bangkok has to offer during a private, customized tuk tuk tour


  1. Instead of traveling to Costa Rica or the Caribbean, consider Colombia 

If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck this travel season, consider Colombia. It offers rich culture, colorful architecture, mouth-watering cuisine and beautiful marine life without the high price tag and travel cost. 

Your adventure to Colombia can include: 

  • Enjoying a privately-guided bike tour of Cartagena. 
  • Sampling local flavors and spices during a customized food tour
  • Relaxing in a beachside bungalow complete with private pool and sea access. 


  1. Instead of Mykonos or Santorini, consider Crete or Naxos. 

Instead of going to the most popular and crowded islands in Greece, consider visiting Crete and Naxos. You’ll enjoy equally breathtaking views and adventure possibilities with less crowds. 

Your adventure to Crete or Naxos can include: 

  • Exploring the mountains of Crete via a customized Land Rover safari.
  • “Hiking The Past”–  through valleys and local towns in Naxos complete with breathtaking views, food and wine. 
  • Island hopping on a luxury day charter throughout the Cyclades before relaxing in your Naxos luxury resort