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Just Back From Morocco

Why Morocco needs to be on your list


Known for their tasty cuisine and the Sahara Desert, Morocco is one of the most underrated places to travel. “Morocco is the perfect blend of adventure, culture, history and food,” says Molly Mathis, CEO and Chief Experience Creator of MOJO Adventures.



“I was blown away at how welcoming the culture is.  Everyone was so friendly and anxious to learn English. However, between complex routing logistics, frequent border checks and a huge language barrier, it’s not the type of place you want to just show up and wing it.  It’s essential you plan your adventure with an expert,” says Molly.

We recommend a dedicated driver and guide to accompany you throughout your stay. Our partners on the ground know how to make things magically happen and get you from point A to B both safely and seamlessly.

“By having a guide that literally knew everyone and everything about the area, (we even ran into his brother in a remote village along the way) we didn’t have to worry about anything”.



One of our many highlights was a visit to the Sahara Desert. It was a beautiful eight-hour drive with interesting stops along the way (thanks to our guide). The Sahara Dessert is exactly how you would picture it… sand dunes as far as you can see and camels. Some highlights from our adventure in the desert include: 

  • Riding ATVs over the sand dunes 
  • Riding camels during sunset 
  • Staying in a luxury desert camp 
  • Sandboarding down the dunes

CLICK HERE to view our adventure highlight reel. 



“We traveled to three amazing cities in Morocco: Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech.”

When visiting Casablanca, you feel as if you are stepping back into time. “They have great French Colonial architecture dating back to the 1910s,” says Molly. 

Fes is known for their tanneries where ancient techniques are used and souvenirs from here are special to bring home.

Marrakech is known for their breathtaking palaces and lively markets. We enjoyed the Djemal El Fan square where we looked through local Moroccan products.



Moroccan cuisine is popular because of their unique take on spices and flavors and influence from locales like Spain, France and the Middle East. Our guide took us to his favorite local restaurants where we could taste the cuisine ourselves.

We also enjoyed a hands-on, private cooking class where we cooked a traditional Moroccan meal.