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A Hidden Benefit: MOJO’s Flight Booking Service

Let us handle the stress so you can fly with peace of mind


Did you know that MOJO can book commercial and private flights for you? In the midst of flight cancellations, delays and lost baggage, there couldn’t be a better time to tell you about the benefits of using our service. 


  1. We partner with dedicated experts who book air travel for customers 24/7 
  2. 24/7 emergency support anywhere in the world. 
  3. Insider knowledge you wouldn’t get otherwise 
    1. Our experts provide their recommendations for the best flight routes. With international flights, it can be tricky to navigate connections and layovers. They provide you the best routes, fares and airlines that match your preferences. 
  4. Real time flight monitoring 
    1. Our team uses advanced technology to monitor your flights and notify you of any changes. In case of a change, we reschedule to fit your schedule. 
  5. Up-to-date industry information
    1. Our experts provide the best travel experience by recommending the best aircrafts and cabin configuration
  6. Never wait on hold with customer service 
    1. We all know the horror of finding out your flight was cancelled and waiting on hold for hours. If you experience a flight delay or cancellation, an expert is working behind the scenes to solve the issue for you while you relax and enjoy your vacation. 
  7. Earn frequent flyer/award miles and choose your favorite airline 
  8. Receive the lowest published fares available 
    1. One-time $50/person booking fee that covers all services.