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6 Bucket List Locales to add to your 2023 calendar now

Kick off the New Year and consider one of these 6 destinations to make next year the best year. 


Ring in the New Year with six bucket-list worthy destinations! These destinations offer one-of-a-kind adventure experiences making them the perfect choice for a memorable 2023.



The most popular destination in Peru for good reason.  Your adventure can include highlights such as: 

  • Exploring the most famous Unesco World Heritage Site via foot (luxury trekking) or train 
  • Sampling Peruvian culinary delights and discover the area’s rich cultural and musical traditions with local experts. 
  • Best Months to Go : April – December 
Machu Picchu



Explore the base of the Himalaya Mountain range with these unique excursions. Your adventure can include: 

  • Hiking the base of the world’s tallest peak
  • Exploring sacred valleys, temples, monasteries and villages throughout the trek 
  • Viewing Mt. Everest via helicopter 
  • Best Months To Go:  April, May, October and November
Everest Base Camp



See the breathtaking waves of light that have fascinated people for ages. Some adventure highlights are:

  • Chasing the Northern Lights via SuperJeep customized tour
  • Trekking across Europe’s largest glacier 
  • Best Months To Go:  November through March 
Northern Lights



This country is full of wildlife and unique experiences! Africa has three different bucket-list experiences so you can choose which adventures is right for you.

  • Morocco/Sahara Desert 
    • Explore the cultural, culinary and historical highlights of Casablanca, Fez and Marrakesh
    • Partake in a private sand-boarding adventure and camel rides throughout the Sahara desert
    • Stay in your own private desert camp
    • Best Months To Go:  March, April, September, October and November 
  • Gorilla Trekking (Rwanda/Uganda)
    • Trekking through the forest searching for endangered mountain gorillas and chimpanzees with your local, expert private guide.
    • Best Months To Go:  June-September 
  • Safari (Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa) 
    • Checking off the Big 5 on your list with a customized, luxury safari program
    • Best Months To Go:  Year-round depending on destination 


5. Maldives 

Stay in a true paradise with clear water and beaches stretching as far as you can see! You can experience: 

  • Relaxing in your own luxury private villa
  • Soaking in turquoise waters
  • Discovering one of the world’s most unique marine habitats
  • Best Months To Visit:  November – April 


6. Greek Isles 

Home to the world famous, white Mediterranean villages and beautiful blue waters… this is the perfect destination to kick off the New Year! Your trip to the Greek Isles can include: 

  • Island-hopping through one of the most picturesque island chains in the world
  • Visting ruins that mark the birthplace of Western civilization
  • Tasting award-winning cuisine and local wine 
  • Best Months To Visit:  June-September 
Greek Isles