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Let’s Go Girls! Let’s Head to Maine!

This friend group of “Maniacs” seased the day on their 5-day Maine adventure 


Debbie Debartola and her friends recently sampled some of the best experiences Maine has to offer. When it comes to planning an ultimate adventure, MOJO has you covered. Through our preferred, local relationships, we offer hand-selected, unique excursions that appeal to everyone on the trip. Read more below about Debbie and her friends’ 5-day journey throughout Maine full of laughter, sight-seeing and amazing food.

 Q: What made you travel to Maine and who went with you?

Debbie: We wanted a new and fun destination that none of the girls had been to before. Molly suggested Maine and we were sold! We’ve all been friends for 25 years and wanted a fun adventure to celebrate three women turning 60. 

Q: What are some excursions you did throughout your trip?

Debbie: We did a morning forest hike, walking comfort food tour in Kennebunkport, scenic driving tour where we learned about the history of the city and a sunset sail wine tasting.

Q: What was your favorite part about the trip?

Debbie: We did a lot but I have to say my favorite was the private lobstering experience in Casco Bay. This was the first thing we did and the girls were excited to try something new. Captain Tom showed us how to retrieve live lobster traps and we saw lighthouses and old military forts along the way!

Q: Any surprises or unexpected things you came across or learned about in Maine?

Debbie: I didn’t realize that Portland is a culinary hub for amazing food. There are over 300 restaurants to choose from. 

Q: Can you talk about the value of using MOJO rather than trying to plan it on your own?

Debbie: First off, it was great having someone plan an adventure for you especially since every woman had different preferences. Molly personally met with me 4-5 times and wanted my input to make this the best experience. She also gave us sample itineraries so we can get a feel for what we wanted out of the trip. Overall, MOJO has great connections who provided really unique excursions making it an amazing adventure. 

Q: What made this adventure unique? 

Debbie: Everything was completely new! None of us had been to Maine and the adventures we did, we wouldn’t normally do. The trip was the perfect combination of good food, amazing friends and activities that took us out of our comfort zone!