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Go Behind The Scenes with MOJO

Learn how we add additional, hidden value to your adventure with MOJO moments!


When you travel MOJO style, there’s an understanding that every detail is taken care of at the highest level. From selecting the perfect destination to providing the best accommodations and every excursion in between, there’s never a need to sweat the small stuff. 

“I’ve been in the adventure travel business for 10 years now and the best part of my work is adding value for our clients and creating memorable moments along the way,” says Molly Mathis, Founder of MOJO Adventures.  

Imagine the awe when you’re on a hike in the French Alps and the trail ends and a picnic appears with gourmet food, local wine and the most perfect backdrop. “We love sprinkling in little surprises, or as we like to say, MOJO moments, that take effort in creating and timing to make it happen. The reaction is always worth it!”

Or let’s say, you’ve got dinner planned at 8 o’clock but you have the option to hike or drive there. You have a hint that it’s going to be special, but you have no idea what lies ahead! 

“My favorite time is arriving early for an event to set the stage and ensure that all plans are in order and everything is perfect,” says Mathis, talking about a surprise group dinner in the French Alp. “This takes weeks of planning, from the menu and cocktails to building a custom farm table to accommodate all eighteen guests. It’s one example of the many ways we add value for our clients and build a memorable MOJO moment.”