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Airport Tips and Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

Try these insider tips to make your next departure a snap! 


With travel booming like never before, here are some helpful tips on how to streamline air travel:


  1. If you’re traveling internationally and your destination involves a tight connection in a busy airport… try to arrive a day early. Especially if there is only one flight a day from your hub to your destination. This helps take the stress out of potential flight cancellations or delays.
  2. Upload required travel documents (passports, entry forms, test results, etc) onto your airlines’ website or app ahead of departure. Minimize the stress before arriving to the airport.
  3. Beat the long security lines by enrolling in TSA Pre-Check or Clear. Bonus: Certain AmEx cards will reimburse you for the yearly membership fee for these services… be sure to check with your credit card provider to see if you qualify.
  4. Early bird gets the worm… book the early flight! Typically, the first flights out of an airport experience less delays/cancellations than subsequent flights later in the day.
  5. Pack extra clothes and travel essentials in your carry-on luggage. Always pack two days’ worth of extra clothes in your carry-on. If you make it to your destination but your bags don’t, you’re not sidelined from the action until they arrive. 
  6. PRO TIP:  With flight delays and cancellations become more and more commonplace, purchase Air Tags (or similar digital tracking devices). Place them in your bags for an easy way to keep track of your luggage throughout your journey.  


By working with a pro, you won’t get stuck with costly flight delays and cancellations that many others are currently facing. Instead, you’ll enjoy peace of mind when booking international travel through MOJO through our exclusive MOJO Travel Pass (full of exclusive perks and benefits for our clients). 


  1. A Custom, Dedicated App that provides easy access to your entire adventure itinerary and updates in real-time with any upcoming changes, including flight information.  You’ll receive alerts (often before the airlines notify you) of any flight delays or cancellations so you can reschedule flights quickly if necessary.
  2. International Flight Booking Concierge Service. By booking international air travel with MOJO, you have an expert team planning and recommending the best flight itinerary for your adventure along with 24/7 emergency phone support. No more waiting on hold with airlines to rebook flights! Grab a coffee & know your team is working behind the scenes on rebooking and researching flights while you wait at the airport.
  3. VIP, Expedited Airport Meet & Greet Service.  Breeze through customs and bypass long lines with this service. This service is available at most major international airports which is essential for tight flight connections today.