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The latest and greatest: A new side to Costa Rica

Discover Guanacaste and learn more about our fitness packed iFIT adventure.


I just got back from one of our highly-requested destinations that’s full of adventure… Costa Rica. There we hosted a group of ladies with our partners at iFIT.  The adventure took place in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. Activities included a private catamaran charter, guided waterfall hike and multiple trainer-led wellness and fitness sessions on the beach. 

“While we were planning the overall experience, I couldn’t wait to share the inspiration with our MOJO community and bring this slice of Costa Rica to life for everyone.”

Guanacaste is full of possibilities

While there, I got the inside scoop on the latest experiences and most unique places to go and stay at. “This magical country is full of endless opportunities. You see a little bit of everything in a small area,” says Molly. Since this is a highly-sought-after area of Costa Rica,  new villas and resorts are continually coming into the fold. With easy beach access and close proximity to inland waterfalls, jungle trails, diverse wildlife and nearby volcanoes, it’s the perfect destination for your next getaway adventure.  

New opportunities 

MOJO Adventures’ strategic corporate partnerships are carving the way to new and exclusive opportunities for you! “This allows us to get the latest and greatest intel on new adventures and destinations,” says Molly. Thanks to our amazing partners, MOJO has unlimited, new adventures and a range of new experiences available for you and your crew. 

Reach out  if you are interested in this country full of opportunities! 

Upcoming iFIT Adventures 

To date, we’ve completed two of our five 2022 fitness adventures with iFIT; Zion National Park and Costa Rica. Here are three more adventures coming up that still have spaces available. My MOJO community is eligible to receive an exclusive discount of $750 (and up to $1,000 off if you bring a friend) on any of these exciting iFIT adventures. 

Discover the French Alps (July 15-20) 

  • Join iFIT master trainer John Peel.
  • Hike the French Alps and enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch.
  • Glacier Trek on Mont Blanc.
  • Stay in an exclusive, luxury chalet with private chef & indoor pool/sauna.
  • Trainer-led restorative movement and mindfulness sessions.

Explore the Land of Fire and Ice: Iceland (August 15-21)

  • Join iFIT trainer Jonnie Gale.
  • Hike & explore the ‘Valley of Thor’ by private super jeep.
  • Ride ATVs on black sanded beaches.
  • Soak in the world-famous Blue Lagoon.
  • Glacier ice trek and climbing adventure.

Conquer Africa’s Highest Peak: Mt. Kilimanjaro (September 30 – October 10) 

  • Join iFIT trainer Knox Robinson  
  • Hike to the top of Africa’s tallest peak.
  • Adventure is fully-supported with VIP specifications (luxury trekking).
  • Our route boasts a 98% success rate (compared with the industry standard rate of 60%).

I encourage you to take this unique opportunity to combine travel, adventure and fitness. Don’t worry, both me and an iFIT trainer will do all the adventures alongside you!