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The Ultimate Packing Guide For Your Next Adventure


Looking to carry a lighter load?  Try these…

Before you pull out the suitcase, settle in for some game-changing tips that will have you packing like a pro. Properly packing for your destination’s climate and excursions will bring peace of mind as you plan.

The most important thing to remember when selecting your outfits is that layers are key! Most destinations are hot during the day but get colder at night. I make sure to pack a variety of short and long sleeve layers that are easy to throw on and if you can, invest in a good pair of shoes (be sure to break them in!).  If your feet aren’t comfy, they’ll talk back the whole time. 

MOJO’s Travel Hacks: 

  1. Maximize sleep and bring a sleep mask and ear plugs. 
  2. Buy packing cubes, roll your clothes inside of them to conserve space and reserve one for your bathroom/shower essentials. 
  3. Bring plastic bags or shower caps to wrap around your shoes at the end of your trip. This protects your suitcase and clothes from the dirt!
  4. A light-weight portable phone/electronics charger is a must for off-grid, remote adventures. Here’s a LINK to one I recently brought to our remote, Glamp Camp adventure. 
  5. Neck gaiters are a versatile must-have. They offer extra sun protection, serve as a makeshift mask and can be pulled up around your hat to keep it in place on windy days. 
  6. Quick-dry, wrinkle-free or athletic clothing is a must! Stick with one general color scheme that won’t show dirt (think black/greys) so you can easily mix and match pieces each day. 
  7. For International adventures (or ones involving multiple legs) be sure to bring at least 1-2 days worth of clothing and any essentials you can’t live without (medication, toiletries, footwear…) in a carry on bag.  If your checked bags get lost, it ensures you’re not sidelined from adventures in the meantime. 

Remember adventurers, less is more…. No one cares that you are wearing the same clothes. What matters most is that you are comfortable and prepared for your adventure ahead.