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Just Back From Belize

The Beller Family (pictured above) just returned from adventures in Belize.  Read more about how MOJO helped them plan an unforgettable Spring Break.  

MOJO Adventures plans ultimate adventures because we realize the importance of creating core memories and holding on to them forever. We help to make your dreams a reality with our exclusive, curated adventures. 

The Beller Family takes on Belize MOJO Style 

This multi-generational family of eight was seeking the ultimate getaway to celebrate a college graduation and new jobs. Belize offers amazing dive spots and enriching culture, making it the perfect family vacation. 

The Bellers started their adventure in the inland jungle region of Belize at one of MOJO’s favorite boutique properties — Ka’ana.  Daveenia Beller and her family loved the Mayan cooking experience where they learned to make traditional Mayan meals. “One of the highlights of the trip was getting a common sense of community. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, and we got first-hand experience on the Belize culture,” said Daveenia. 

Next, they stayed in luxurious, oceanfront villa bungalows in Placencia surrounded by endless adventure opportunities (including a dive trip just outside of Placencia). The family’s diving adventure was complete when they saw sharks, turtles and more.  “It was unbelievable, within 15 minutes we saw more marine life than we have ever seen before,” One of their favorite adventures was learning the art of horseback riding through the jungle. “Normally when we go horseback riding, we just follow a trail. In Belize, we toured ruins and got to gallop the horses. It was a little frightening at first but so rewarding,” says Daveenia. 

MOJO Offers Peace of Mind

MOJO takes the work out of planning so you and your family can truly enjoy every moment. “Everything is orchestrated so you don’t have to worry about anything and everyone knows where they need to be without being rushed. There is a digital itinerary that tells you where you need to be, what you need to pack and what to expect for the day,” says Daveenia. 

MOJO is proud to create a diverse itinerary where everything is different and nothing is the same. Daveenia says, “Our adventures were coordinated appropriately for our whole family. We especially loved stopping by restaurants to eat local tamales and ice cream in between excursions.” 

Whether you are looking to celebrate something big or small, a MOJO adventure is the way to go! We add value upfront so you can have peace of mind along the way. GIVE US A SHOUT if Belize is on your bucket list.