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Keys to Taking Amazing Travel Pics

Pictures are a great way to hold onto your vacation memories.  Learn how to improve your photography skills in the article below. 


We all want a camera roll full of amazing images to wrap up a vacation full of memories. So what makes for a great travel photo? Atlanta photographer, Catrina Maxwell, of CATMAX Photography, says it all boils down to three things: focus, lighting and composition.

“Your picture should tell a story and the lighting, background and poses all play a role in that”, says Maxwell, who does much of her work in the brand space, and joined the MOJO crew on a Puerto Rican adventure in 2017. “Composition plays a very strong part in taking a great picture.”

Tip #1 (Rule of Thirds):  Cat suggests composing your picture using the rule of thirds. Break down the camera screen into a grid of thirds (three up and three across), then place your subject anywhere you can count to three.

For example, look at the image shared below, where the food is the star of the show, but the ambiance in the background helps tell the story. Also, note the shot of paddle-boarders that uses the rule of thirds to show the large cruise ships in the background and truly tell the story.

Here are more game-changing tips to help you take your best shot:

  • It sounds silly, but clean your lens! Lenses are exposed in our purses or pockets and can get pretty dirty – give it a swipe before you say “smile!”
  • Tap the screen on your subject to bring into focus. The camera does the rest.
  • Adjust the brightness of your photo. For iPhone users, press and hold on the subject and move your finger up or down to adjust the lighting.

Once you have an album full of photos, now what?

  • Print them so they’re not stuck in your phone. Maxwell uses a photo software called Mixtiles to turn your images into wall art.
  • Edit images that need a little boost. Maxwell suggests a free app called Lightleap that allows you to drop in a “new” sky to make it more compelling if it was shot on a cloudy day.
  • If you’re with a group on an adventure, shoot the picture from behind. It makes the viewer feel like they went right along with you!