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Did you know MOJO creates unique corporate experiences?


Many of you know MOJO Adventures for planning travel adventures.  However, we truly pride ourselves on being Experience Creators.  Even making our way into the corporate experiences sector…

We recently took a traditional corporate event idea and put our unique spin on it. Creating an experience for 25 guests of a technology company on October 7. The goal of the event was to bring industry leaders together to share knowledge and talk about emerging tech security trends through a buzz-worthy event. 

Typically, similar events take place in a traditional corporate setting. Instead, we wanted to create a unique, private gents club concept, knowing our audience was all male. 

We replaced the existing club furniture (traditional table and chairs) with classy gents style pieces to make it feel more like a private lounge.  The decor featured black and white iconic visionaries and men’s club-like propping (anchors, chess set, binoculars, vintage books…).  A flight consisting of 3 bourbons was placed next to each guest’s chairs as part of a blind bourbon tasting.  And important consideration was given to ensuring the client’s corporate branding was properly infused throughout all decor elements.  

A fitting draw to the event — clients got to design and order their own custom blazer with 3 professional tailors brought in for the event.

Designing the Perfect Experience for You

MOJO Adventures puts our talents and creative flair to work whether you’re on an adventure or hosting a curated, small-group experience.  My team and I love collaborating with clients to determine how to make a wish list come to life.

Hosting an upcoming corporate experience, event or retreat?  CONTACT MOLLY .  I’ll personally reach out to discuss how we can help make it an extra memorable one.