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Get a Glimpse of Iceland LIVE with us

Follow along as we travel back to the “Land of Fire And Ice” August 20-27.

I’ve traveled to a lot of countries, but Iceland holds a special place in my heart. In fact, this will be my 7th time traveling to the “Land of Fire and Ice”. Besides the stunning landscape and waterfalls,  I experience something new and exciting every time.

Fun fact: Iceland is otherworldly.  Many of the new Star Wars movies were filmed here and astronauts arrived to train for lunar landings because parts of the country closely resemble the moon’s surface.

Icelandic people have an incredible sense of community and love to share their country’s history, culture and Viking heritage. 

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to travel to Iceland, follow along on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK August 20-27 as I lead a group of couples on a week-long adventure throughout the country. Get a close-up look at some of the famous sites we’ll be touring and see for yourself if a visit to the Land of Fire and Ice is in store for you. For more inspiration visit our SAMPLE ICELAND ITINERARY page.  

  1. Walking Tour of Reykjavik 
  2. Snorkeling between two continents (the only place in the world you can do this!) 
  3. Hiking breathtaking waterfalls 
  4. Trekking across glaciers 
  5. Hiking to see Iceland’s newest erupting volcano, Geldingadalir
  6. Relaxing in the world-famous Blue Lagoon  
  7. ATV off-roading on black sand beaches