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5 Reasons Yoga Brings Out Your Best Self

If the thought of holding a downward dog or triangle pose makes your hip flexors want to run for cover or the notion of meditating in a silent, hot room isn’t your cup of tea — don’t worry, you’re in good company. The practice of yoga can be quite intimidating for most of us.

Enter Lindsay Robertson, MOJO’s resident “Balance Champion”. Her sense of humor, down-to-earth approach and spot-on instruction will quickly win you over. “I really enjoy helping people find that I GET IT moment in their practice”.

Lindsay’s ultimate goal for her students — “Yoga should leave you feeling empowered, ready to tackle whatever the day brings you.”

Need more convincing? Here are her Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Practice Yoga:

1. It decreases most back pain, as we subtly stretch the muscles in our legs and hips that put the grip on our back muscles, we feel less tightness and pain.

2. It makes you laugh more, when you hit the point of your muscle’s edge, there isn’t much to do but laugh and breathe, making those little annoying moments in life a tad less stressful.

3. It makes you stronger, as much as we lengthen the muscles, we strengthen the muscles (including the mind).

4. It calms your mind and relieves stress, through the simple act of taking the time to breath deeply and look at the big picture (think James Bond vs Charlie Sheen).

5. On that note, it helps your sex life, translating all of the breathing and relaxation techniques and brings you more into the present moment, not to mention increased muscle control (insert imagination).

“I have chosen to laugh more and release the stress. My yoga practice is designed around a hard, balanced, yet light hearted mood. It is called a practice for a reason. You never master it”

You can follow Lindsay at https://www.instagram.com/lindsayrobertsonyoga/.

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